In summary

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Really important updates

a joyful duty 10:28 AM

Lobster questions...or something.

am i doing it 10:32 AM


going 1:02 PM


a joyful duty 11:20 PM


john paul ii 11:38 AM

This morning

hehe 8:19 AM

The strife is o'er

apartment hunting sucks 8:15 PM

7QT Minimalist style

7qt 2:25 PM

Things I've googled recently

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Wedding advice

52 6:35 PM

Berkeley tour

berkeley 12:49 PM

Avett Brothers ahhhh

berkeley 6:54 PM

Snap back to reality

apartment hunting sucks 12:44 PM

uh what

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Little thinkings.

8:53 AM


domingo 10:13 AM

Prayers and good vibes

apartment hunting sucks 1:30 PM

Not just treading water

apt 4:55 PM

7 QT: How on earth is it Friday?

7qt 3:43 PM

Napa Valley

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familia 11:30 AM

Radio silence

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7QT: Dance lessons

7qt 9:17 AM