Avett Brothers ahhhh

6:54 PM

Bad news first: we didn't get that apartment either.

Wah wah so sad. Ugh. Pity party.

Okay, now that we've moved on.

We saw the Avett Brothers this weekend. WHAT.

It was pretty stinkin' legit. Brandi Carlile opened and she was legit and then my heart exploded because I love the Avett Brothers.


So their new music I wasn't super into...and two songs were about talking to Satan and I was like, no gracias. Go back to transcendentals and beauty and family. But, what are you going to do.

But have you seen them live? Scott and Seth Avett have the best performance legs, which sounds creepy BUT they are just so adorable. They fail around and do weird dances and it's awesome. 


Things that aren't cute: how much freakin' pot was being smoked at the concert. Oh man. I was like, alright Bay Area we get it, nobody is going to tell you what to do. But you need to simmer down. It made me think about being polite and being in public. Like, if someone was smoking a cigarette at a concert, people would complain and ask them to stop. But it's pretty unthinkable to ask someone to stop smoking pot.

But it was real smelly.

Here's a picture of some of our group. Also it's weird because it looks like my boss' arm is around me (Steven in light blue) but it's really just Carlos. Which is also a little weird.

Overall it was a busy weekend but good. Things are picking up around here and I think our team is out of the start-of-the-year-adrenaline so we are all dragging a little bit.

How was your Monday?

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