Berkeley tour

12:49 PM

Hannah has mentioned multiple times that she doesn't know what Berkeley looks like and would like me to send her photos.

That sounds like a lot of work. Also I don't want to stand out and take photos because people will know that I'm new and it will ruin my street cred.

So instead I'm taking y'all on a digital tour oooooooh

Using pictures from google.


Fun fact: Monsters University's campus was based off of Berkeley's campus. So this gate in real life is called Sather Gate and only alumni can walk through the main arch. If you are a non-graduate then you won't get a 4.0. Or something. I walk under it all the time #rebel

This is what our chapel looks like. Nobody likes it. Well, few people like it. Our chaplains compare it to the Flinstones. It was designed to look like a tomb so...check.

Pro: you are never sweaty.

This is my favorite coffee shop!

Orrrrrr this one

Sacks is great, you can sit on coffee bean sacks. Also the guy who runs it is hilarious and they play the best music. Strada is busy so it's only good when you go at like

Obviously these are the important things about Berkeley.

My favorite cheap eats is El Burro Picante and they have this weird little burro outside. Anyway, like I said, these are the important things.

Here's a beautiful scenic picture that someone else took. But it's pretty legit. The clock tower is the Campanile in the middle of campus. It's great. It has bells and plays music (not the Harry Potter theme so UNL's got them beat there).

And of course the bay and the Golden Gate bridge, which I can sometimes see from the top of our hill on a clear day (it's always foggy).

There you go! A free tour! It's really beautiful here. And full of stone cold weirdos but I love that about it.

Thanks for all your prayers. You are in mine as well.

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  1. Woohoo! Internet tour! Now go be a creep like we all know you want to and stand around taking pictures of everything. ;)