7QT: Dance lessons

9:17 AM


Do you ever see stuff about Pope Francis on facebook and just scroll past really fast? I feel bad but sometimes I just get so nervous about what people are posting about him, or what he is saying/what is he really saying/what is he really really saying.

I love the Pope. I pray for him everyday. I also pray for his PR guy every day. Long live the Pope!


As I mentioned in my last post, we are basically done with wedding planning. Our moms have been the best and did a ton of research (and cake testing) while we were at training. So all we had to do was look at what they liked. agree with what they suggested, and make it official.

We are pretty low key.


Last weekend we went on our Engaged Encounter weekend and it wasn't as lame as I thought it might be. Classic pessimist.

What really blew me away was that marriage is a sacrament that is created and ministered by the bride and the groom, not the priest. We are making the sacrament a reality. Ahhhhhhh. 


My mom really wanted to take dance lessons for our wedding. Like, a lot. I wasn't on board because I am a cynical pessimist and do not enjoy having "fun". I'm mostly kidding about that.

But I didn't want to go.

But I did and it was actually kind of fun. It was mostly adorable watching my parents dance with each other. Here's a selfie my neighbor took of all of us.

kids these days


My youngest brother has been at summer camp all week and it's making me a little sad. He called home one day in because he was home sick. Mostly it was because they had biscuits and gravy for breakfast and he doesn't like gravy (I don't blame him). So my dad told me to wait it out until lunch and see how he felt. And he hasn't called back, so, he's a real man now.

Left side, by the blue flag, maybe the only Asian kid?


John and I are going on a date tonighttttttt. YES. Because our parents are wonderful and we have been with them basically every waking hour. And when we aren't with them, then we are working on fundraising. So, it's party time.


I work with these amazing people

Mad props to Jen for hosting. You should jet on over and watch the video she posted. And then tell me if you cried. I did. So many tears.

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  1. Weddings are wonderful!

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