uh what

5:12 PM

Do you ever have a day where you just can't.

Like, nothing bad happened or whatever but you just feel bleeeeeeeh. Or meeeeeeeeh. Or blech. Or blurgh.

I feel that. I feel all of that.

I definitely ate dairy. And probably fructose. Sometimes I get a liiiiiittle bold and I eat things I probably shouldn't because I feel invincible. I'm not.

Anyway here are some things I found online while being a little bit dead.

This is my new desktop. Thanks, Buzzfeed and Andy.

Gilmore Girls is going to be on Netflix, so I should probably get Netflix again.

Our wedding invites are officially out in the mail. So if any of you want to make the final decisions, I would love that.

Things to be decided still:
1. Reception music....
2. Readings. All of them
3. Something else...
4. Probably something else.

As you can see, I'm a veeeery focused bride-to-be.

Sorry this post hasn't lived up to the usual peppy/snappy/energizing self.

Keep it real.

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