Little thinkings.

8:53 AM

I woke up earlier than I normally do this morning which has allowed me to drink two cups of coffee instead of my normal, self control induce, one cup.

And because of that second cup my mind is firing 12380x faster than usual.

1. This morning I decided that my greatest fear is not spiders or sharks, but that spicy pepper seeds will someone get onto my hands and then those hands will get into my eyes and I will be blind. I was making toast and the toaster was next to a carton of jalapeños on our counter and I literally thought, is there a chance for cross-contamination?

2. Did you know that if you hold down a letter key on a Mac you can add accents to letters? Whãt? This would have been helpful to know in all my years of studying Spanish and having to insert a symbol every stinkin' time.

3. As a human being, sometimes I read/hear things in the news (aka on Facebook...ugh le sad) and I just get really down. Like, what the heck can I do about ISIS? How can I actually help ethical medical research? How can I assist in the fight against pornography and creeps distributing naked pictures of celebrities?

4. But redemption is real. Holy Martyrs of the Middle East, pray for us.

5. I met with an amazing student yesterday from Japan. She did her undergrad at MIT and is now getting her PhD here at Berkeley. She converted at MIT, her family did not approve and basically ignores her new found religion, and she has never met another Japanese Christian. Never. Ever.

6. Basically my job is inspiring and it has already been such a gift to me. I'm grateful for this entire blogging community, for every Catholic community, for our Church. I'm grateful for a lot of things.

Phew. Have a great Wednesday, you guys. You're in my prayers

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