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I know it's been a million years since I last blogged. The end of a school year is madness. Here are some things to get you up to speed with my vida.

1. Moving
I moved back to Lincoln, NE on Friday. My dad and I drove 14+ hrs in two moderately sturdy cars and all of my belongings. It was the longest trip ever. We ended up driving through (maybe, but definitely) a tornado in Missouri (Jesus, take the wheel) which was nuts.

We had this sick little trailer and we were off like a herd of turtles.

During that ride I heard Katy Perry's Dark House ~938274 times and I think that any song that begins with some artist telling me the name of the other artist, is not a good song.

Also, is she a magician or a politician? The metaphors and similes are confusing and unclear.

Also I'm sure I'm not the only person who has ever done this, but just in case, here is something I MacGyver-ed up. Moving hanging clothes is hard because they fall off the hangers and into the streets, and taking them off means you are packing clothes and hangers so this is what I did!

Belts around the clothes! Cinch them all together and now you don't have to pack belts. Whatever, if you've never done it, you're welcome. If you have, I am so proud of you.

As you might surmise, because I packed up all of my belongings and hauled them to NE I will not be returning to serve at CMU this coming school year. Which means...

2. Berkeley, CA

I'm moving to Berkeley. In California. Coast to coast. Sort of. 

Anyway, I'm very excited. Of course, I'm sad to leave Pittsburgh because I love my team and I love the students but I'm also very sure that the Lord wants me elsewhere. Specifically in Berkeley. With John.

No real segway, here we go, 

3. Engaged

After driving 14+ hrs, talking to John and being frustrated that he still wasn't sure when he was coming home, and generally feeling nast, John surprised me by flying to Lincoln for the weekend to propose.

I would love to write a longer post chronically every minute detail of it (mostly for my own glee) but I haven't told Hannah the details yet and I want to real bad. But it's coming, y'all.

Here's that awful pose that people do and I swore we wouldn't but then my mother insisted and told me to have more graceful hands.

Not in my control.

Anyway I'm beyond excited. I am beyond blessed. Jesus is really good to me.

And also you! I hope you had a great weekend. Get pumped for more posting now that I'm in a beautiful home with wifi. 

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  2. I came to comment on this post and Hannah literally said everything I had planned to say.... including the "yayayayayayayayay" and the "I can't wait to hear the deets!"

    But for real. I am so happy for you and John!!! God is gooooood!

    1. THANK YOU. I'm excited to share every single unnecessary detail.

  3. Ummmmmmmmm... WAY TO HIDE THE BIG NEWS!!!! Congrats!!!!!! :D

    1. I'm so bad at revealing news! I called people and was just like, "Hi, we're engaged!"
      Thank you!!