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This post is probably going to be sappy and drawn out and a little over-indulgent. But I want to write it down now, when I remember it, when I'm still overwhelmed in the best way and still in awe of what all happened.

So, if you aren't into those things, I don't blame you, you can click clack away.

Buuuuuut if you are into those things, please make yourself comfy.

John and I were blessed to spend the whole week before our wedding to be with our families, finish final details, and sleep in. It was awesome.

Hannah threw a perfect Bachelorette party which included wine, underwear, fries, brownies, popcorn, and a mouse. Perfect.

The rehearsal was Friday and apparently we picked readings that weren't actually approved...whoops. We thought we pulled them from a Catholic website but we were wrong. But, our priest, Fr. Holdren, called the chancery and got them there you go.

Besides that, there were no snags, no problems, no issues. Unless there were and I just didn't hear about them. And then we got married.

Here are some of my favorite human beings. It was a beautiful 50 degrees in Nebraska (and then that Monday is hit 18 and snowed, PTL for a great Saturday) and St. Mary's church was full of family and friends. Gosh, so mushy. I can barely even stand it.

I was 50 shades of chill all day. I slept like a baby the night before, wasn't nervous at all, didn't freak out, etc. It was a real gift. My friend Katherine said it was the most chill wedding party she has ever been in. Score.

I walked in to "Ubi Caritas" and I think it was beautiful but my brain was a buzz so I don't remember. But the rest of the music was amazing, Fr's homily brought me to tears, I only thought I was going to pass out once (so hot, such a heavy dress) and my youngest brother did an amazing job serving.

John looked fly as hell and I was just so thrilled to finally be there with him.

I can't wait to see the actual pictures but our friends snapped some really great ones. 
our teammates, Maya and Leanne

  Our first dance was Bread and Wine by Josh Garrels, our DJ's name was Josh and he was so chill, our cake was individual bundt cakes for each table, and the toasts were so thoughtful. Honestly, it was perfect.

Then we pulled an Irish exit and peaced the heck out of there.

Then on to Napa!

old farts reading by a vineyard

We drove up the coast on Hwy 1 and I highly recommend that everyone do that. It was spectacular. You drive through redwood forests for many hours and then suddenly you hit the coast and you drive on cliffs there is nothing between you and the Pacific ocean but a giant drop. It's so beautiful. (most of these I pulled from Instagram so if you follow me you've seen then already, whoops)

Mendocino coast

Mendocino coast


Sacramento Cathedral

Wine tasting at Duckhorn
 We had a wine tasting and it made me realize that I know nothing about wine. Just that I like it and I like it red.

The Oh Hello's in Sacramento
 The Oh Hello's are potentially my favorite band and we saw them live in Sacramentooooo. It was such a gift. In October we saw that they were doing a West Coast tour and we thought, there's no way we would be able to see them. But, oh, we did. And they were amazing. You know when you go and see a band you really love and you are so nervous they are going to be terrible live, or they won't sound good, or they will be jerks and snobs, or they will sound different?

None of that was true. They were humble and gracious and crazy talented.

we got new books for ourselves before our flight out

Inn-N-Out is my favorite

Every experience we had was amazing and we wanted to call it quits because how could it get better? But it always got better. We are so blessed. Then we drove home on Saturday night and when we got home our apartment was arranged, unpacked, and beautifully decorated. Our teammates (and some students) had a key, let themselves in, and spent the day organizing a-TLC-Hoarders-episode level of chaos into HGTV level beauty.

I cried like a baby. It's amazing and such a beautiful gift.

Anyway, that's what happened. It was so great. Let me gush a little bit more.
But not right now.

Thanks for reading, y'all.

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  1. Congrats, dudes!! You looked gorgeous. :) May your marriage be filled with joy on joy on joy. :)

  2. Your team did what?! That is seriously the most legit gift they could have given you. Wowza. Impressive.