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It has been so long since I've done one of these that I went to Jen's page first...awkward. But super jazzed to link up with Kelly who makes me laugh and also makes me want to quit blogging because I will never be as funny as she is.


Like this cool and hip thing I do with slashes? I'm trying to stay relevant. Okay number one, I know yesterday I posted about board games and how I don't watch a lot of visual media but I married a film buff so we still do the Netflix shuffle now and again.

And most recently we watched this:

So the picture makes it look like it might be about people being trapped inside wine bottles but it's a metaphor you guys. It's about four guys who are studying to take the Masters sommelier test, which is basically a crazy intense test so that you can get a pin and brag to everyone that you know everything about wine. 50 people took the test in 2012 and only 6 people passed. 

I loved it. I love wine and I love learning about it. But I will never know as much as they know and I'm totally fine with it. They are obsessed. Two of the men moved out of their homes and moved in together so they could study more often. Also they are both married. What.


There are a lot of links I want to share with you guys.

This hits me right in my lack-of-real-perspective-heart. I agree and I also disagree just a little, more later.

Some more reading about 50 Shades of Grey and this is maybe my favorite article about it yet.

I super appreciate that Verily does this internet media mash-up for me, so I'll re-gift it to you. LEFT SHARK. SCOUT. HARPER LEE.


If I start posting recipes that I make on here, will you guys read them? I don't know what happened, I used to really dislike cooking, but maybe it's being married or maybe it's because we have sweet kitchen stuff now, but I'm pretty into it.

Your thoughts?


The other day a man came into the Newman Chapel at Berkeley and took his pants off. This is not a normal occurence but I want to document it so in 10 years I can relive that weird moment.


Each of those is a different link, fun fact. So pumped for moms and babies and families!


I would love to participate in Katrina's Lily Jade giveaway but I'm truly horrified by the state of my bag. Like, I don't have kids and there are still crumbs and snotty tissues and questionable pieces of (chewed?) gum in my bag...

Maybe I'll bite the bullet because I love free stuff.


They had a photo booth at our national conference (SEEK2015) and I love photo booths. Pray for these awesome students. Alison (purple glasses) is a hired missionary for next year, Nigil (the only boy) is maybe applying for staff but he has an amazing job lined up already at Motorola, and Paloma (cowboy hat) is my favorite and is leading a Bible study and is a total blessing. Mushy missionary talk.

Thanks for listening.

Have a great weekend you guys!

//BONUS EIGHT: Husband quote//

"I bolded our names in the newsletter to add some sex appeal"

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  1. 1. It makes me so happy when I know that people used the stuff I coordinated at SEEK. Like the photobooth.

    2. Seriously loled at #8.

  2. Please do a bag post. I want to be not the only person I know blogging who is entering that giveaway. Plus, I hear the bags are great for carrying laptops and stuff too so if I win I plan on using it for a long, long time...haha.

    Also, number 8 is too. good. (To get technical, he should have used italics. They're wayyyy sexier.)

  3. Totally do a post!! Please give my sisters-in-law a hug from me if you see them :) And Baby Harrington says thanks for the shout out :)