11:30 AM

A couple weeks back my family drove to Wisconsin for a family bridal shower for me. It was the first time John got to meet a lot of my extended family, so that was terrifying  exciting.

My Uncle Bob loves taking pictures and he is a real photography nerd. Well, he's a chemist so he's just a nerd in general, but John loves photography too so they bonded a lot about that.

Almost my whole family was there, minus an aunt, an uncle, 3 cousins (and their spouses), and my brother, Blake.

But since a lot of them live in MI, it's pretty great that they managed to come. My grandma served 21 people dinner in her small-ish apartment and it was a real blessing.

I sometimes forget what a blessing extended family is, even if we don't see each other a lot, even if we disagree on some basic things, even when they drive me crazy.

It also makes me appreciate my immediate family all the more.

Alright, getting pretty sentimental over here.

Stoic black-and-white dad shot.

With the matriarch

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