Wedding advice

6:35 PM

I'm getting married in 52 days.

This is how I feel about it:

But food can't help me make decisions. So here are some things I need some advice about.

How should I wear my hair?

Wedding favors? What are some nice ones? I'm fine with DIY because, to be honest, I could recruit a bunch of wonderful college women to help me out (win event, amirite?). But nothing too ridiculous.

What do you get bridesmaids?

Mother-of-the-groom gift?

What's the one thing people always forget?


Thanks y'all.

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  1. Etsy is awesome for bmaid gifts. I got all my gals a necklace to wear on the day of the wedding. I've also seen brides get personalized stationary for their 'maids. Or those tervis tumblers. Or some sort of pretty jewelry. I dunno. Just throwing ideas out there. :) And there are tons of cute mother-of-the-groom necklaces on Etsy too. I bet you'll find some cute stuff and make it happen. Wahoo for only 52 days left!!!!

    1. I need to block like, 3 hours in order to work through Etsy, but I will so do it. Thanks for the advice. Also you're pregnant. WHAT.

    2. WHAT WHAT!!!!

      Ok, so I just remembered that you asked for music advice too. I can send you the playlist I used, which kept the dance floor packed the whole night, just saying. I came up with it myself 'cause I was the DJ of my own wedding. BOOOOOM. If you want a list, just email me -- stephschweitz (at) gmail (dot) com.

  2. YAY! 52 days!
    I agree with Stephanie -your guys' bags came from Etsy and I had a really hard time picking stuff. But then again I kinda feel weird answering this question so pretend that advice is just being seconded by a robot.

    My biggest criteria for wedding favors was that it was something practical...hence the un-glamorous matches. But I've used them a ton so I felt justified in my decision. The Knot Wedding Shop is where we got ours - they had some other things which were nice. Also I'm a hick so I like coozies haha. Always useful. But those aren't really DIY so idk.

    Well in my case you know very well that I forgot to pick out the Gospel and the petitions. Soooo yeah. Otherwise I scrambled at the last minute remembering to get deets of where people needed to be by when - especially to our host couples. Felt a little bad about that.

    1. I'll give everyone dairy enzymes so they can comfortably digest the cake.

  3. THINGS PEOPLE ALWAYS FORGET: someone who can do anything for you last minute. who can make sure you & john don't run into each other? who is going to send the bridal party down the aisle/coordinate the procession? who will be available to talk to your vendors (ie hotel, food, flowers, etc) day of so you don't have too? who will coordinate your send off? Hiring a day of coordinator (cough cough shameless self promotion time) is a way to mega relieve stress and get someone who is good with stress and events to do it for you. i may or may not know someone... ;)

    (In all seriousness, having someone, whether they're hired or not, to attend to you and the actual event is super, super helpful). :)