10:31 PM

eating: so much kale. You guys. My teammates are so healthy and I'm lazy so I just eat what they put in front of me. Most of which is kale.  

drinking: Water and water and water. Also coffee. And wine.  

listening to: The Brilliance. I highly recommend. It's moody and artsy and calming and about Our Lord. It's legit.  

watching: I'm watching Leanne hang art up on the walls. I do not have a gift in spacial awareness and being aware of what to hang up where. But Leanne kills it. Our house looks like a home.  

reading: Scripture #nerd. Gospel of John, Isaiah, Corinthians.  

wearing: Sweatpants and a hoodie, which is never my get up, but Tuesday has been rowdy.  

realizing: How incredibly blessed I am. So sappy. Let's not dwell on it or I might cry.  

working on: I made some art today, that was pretty fun. I also submitted an article to Eye of the Tiber (hilarious). So today was pretty artistic. Also a Bible Study.  

enduring: Okay, I dig Berkeley. But I get so sweaty in the afternoon. Like, it's chili-dogs in the morning and the evening and then I'm roasting in the afternoon.  

smelling: It smells like wood stain and some weird burning tool because Leanne is making art like it's her job.  

sewing: Sewing? I don't sew. Hannah so made this list.

wanting: To go to bed. Roommates are great but they keep me awake waaaay longer than I intend to.  

disliking: How smelly my feet get after wearing my birks.  


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