7QT: OBGYN adventure

10:53 AM

Linking up with Kelly with these 7 Quick Takes. Mostly I'm documenting this so I can forever memorialize one of the few times in my life I felt truly embarrassed. Warning: this is an embarrassing story while I was at the OBGYN so beware of anatomical (and childish nicknames) terminology.

ONE// After experiencing some really awful emotional PMS nonsense, I finally woman-ed up and made a doctor's appointment. Also I haven't been to the doctor in like, forever. Last time I went to the doctor I got a colonoscopy so I think my hesitations are pretty valid.  ALSO I got married and got sexually active (as you do) and received much bullying from some other married friends on the need for an gyn visit. Ugh, helpful friends.

TWO// So I live in Denver and everyone talks about how amazing Bella Natural Women's Care center is. Including my blog crush, Jenny. So I make an appointment there (and cry on the phone a little while talking to the sweetest receptionist ever) and wait in mild agony for the day to arrive.

THREE// I drive to the center, enter into the swankiest waiting room I've ever seen, and do a quick scan to make sure I don't know anyone in the office. I know that's a crazy thing to do (especially because now I'm writing about it for the internet) but I have a lot of pride and I didn't want to admit, in person, to anyone that I'm not perfect and my body is a bit of a mess.

First scan, complete strangers. Score.

Filling out paperwork. Wait...I know her. John's previous team director and a good personal friend of ours is my nurse.

I immediately get sweaty as we walk over to the scale because I'm horrified that beautifully flawless Cindy is going to know how much I weigh.

This should have been the least of my worries.

FOUR// Cindy is the picture of professionalism while I spiral into a sweaty-nerves-fit that is so bad that my vein refuse to release blood for a sample. But then I realized that she's a nurse! She does this! This is her job. She won't tell anyone how much I weigh nor will she tell people how it took me an embarrassingly long time to pee into a jar (classic nervous pee situation). She leaves, the doctor comes in, we talk, he types, and then he tells me that he is going to step out while I get my robe on so he can finish the exam.

I say, cool!

He says, I'll be right back with Cindy.

I say, wait...what?

FIVE// So Cindy saw both my boobs

SIX// And my vagina.

SEVEN// But she, unlike me, was incredibly professional. My doctor was the sweetest man and overall it was a really positive first grown woman doctor appointment. Just initially unnerving to have a former teammate/former co-workers/newly-established-friend as your nurse.

But the good news is that Cindy and I are hanging out soon. So seeing my ta-tas and va-jay-jay didn't scare her off.

I don't know. Probably not the worst embarrassing doctor story in the world. I'm sure I will top it in the future.

What's your most embarrassing doctor story? Should I do a link up so we can all feel cathartic and horrified at the same time?

You're great. Happy Friday.

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  1. Whoa! I totally would've asked for a different nurse. You are much braver than you are giving yourself credit for. No one who has seen my wobbly bits gets to see me socially except my DH. I have to say I am impressed.

    1. Well, thank you! Honestly, it never even crossed my mind to ask for a new nurse...? That would have been a good decision though

  2. Ahh you are so much more adult than I am. The fear is real.

    1. Literally, because I am older this is true. But fear = great blogging so...:)

  3. AHH. My nurse at every single one of my prenatal appointments was Brian Emmerich's (from HS) mom - which she so kindly informed me at the first physical when I was super nauseous and had a full body exam, aka very uncomfortable. I don't even know him that well and I was a little creeped out. But we became friends after 40 weeks of pregnancy and now every time she calls me she asks if I have someone to set him up with - a "nice Catholic girl" hahaha. Quality, right?

    1. Yeeeees. A great reason to move away from where you find to high school. I hope he finds the woman of his mom's dreams