The strife is o'er

8:15 PM

As many of you know I am getting married real soon. I promise I won't dedicate every post to that, but I can't promise that quite yet.

So we were also looking for an apartment because married people like to live together. But Berkeley is legit the worst for apartment hunting. We applied to maaaaaany different places, were beat out on all occasions, lost a lot of money to pay for application fees (maybe not constitutional) and mostly just got our hopes up.

The good news (whew) is that the apartment John lives in now is perfectly fine. Just over-priced. And very small. Like really small.

But it's not a studio, so it has walls, which is a lot better than a lot of our options out here.

So get excited for this blog to become me attempting to make a teeeny apartment more homey.

I should probably get my own show on HGTV. Something to think about.

Thanks for your prayers and support.

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  1. Pumped that you finally figured out the apartment situation. Sorry that the whole process kinda sucked, though. Lame. Now let's see some pics. Let's turn this blog into HGTV central.