Icons: Little Happies

3:12 PM

You guys, I love icons.

A couple weekends back I ventured to a Byzantine Divine Liturgy (the things I do to be friends with students, this weekend I went to see Noah. BAD) and I was overwhelmed with how beautiful the artwork is.

I hate ending sentences in prepositions but not enough to edit them.

Anyway, I went back a few times and was there for a venerating of the cross and we were allowed to process up and kiss a beautiful icon of Christ on the Cross. It was awesome.

Tess had a post recently about visiting a iconographer's studio and color me jealous. I literally looked up how to take classes...the results are inconclusive as of right now. I'll keep you posted.

My teammates, Keith and Tracy, have a cousin who writes (the correct verbage) icons so they have (literally) a closet full of them. They have a beautiful corner in their bedroom and I have sort of made my own.

I didn't take a picture of it because it looks pretty shabby. I got a giant book about icons from my favorite used book store here, so I took some of those and taped them to my wall.

BUT, no more.

Mi novio was leaving Mass out in Berkeley the other day and one of the priests at the Newman center had a table of free things that he no longer wanted (!!). So John took this beautiful icon of St. Paul and mailed it to me.

It was in a beautiful box with photographs of the man who made the icon. So, seems legit? I don't know but it is beautiful.

I stinking love it.

Linking up with Blessed to Be because I love Little Happies!

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  1. That icon is awesome! What a sweet treat from the BF!! And even better that it was free! Shocked that priest was giving it away. :) Thanks for joining in again!!

    1. Right? I couldn't believe they just gave it away. But it worked out in my favor!

  2. Icons are my favorite religious representations. I have a small collection that I hope to grow over the years. This one of St. Paul is stunning!

    1. I agree, I think they are super beautiful. Hopefully my very very small collection will grow as well haha! Do you end up finding new ones? Or do you purchase them from a specific place?