Adventures and realizations

9:45 AM

Feeling inspired by Jenna's Big Sur video (I don't even want to talk about my slightly creepy love of these videos and those families and how cute those kids are etc etc etc) and by this Verily article about breaking up with your tv. Yikes, preaching to my heart, sister.

We live in Colorado now. I have not climbed a 14-er yet. Mostly because I'm pretty sure I will die. But also because I'm an introvert, I'm a homebody, and I'm lazy. Emphasis on the lazy.

I love the idea of adventures, and hiking, and camping, and the like. And I'm realizing more and more that I want to be able to tell cool stories when I'm old. I want to be able to open a photo album (or scan photos into some eye chip so you can view them on your eyeball, whatever the future holds) and share with (God willing) my children and their children and my friends and their families.

I love the Big Sur video for so many reasons. It's beautiful and Fleet Foxes. But also because it is an authentic and beautiful way to capture those beautiful memories. Like, I'm excited for them to share it with their families in 20 years.

I want to do that. I want to make and create things so I can share life now (with my husband, with my friends, with my family) and in the future.

I printed off some photos via Artifact Uprising thanks to Hannah's recommendation.

Halloween last year (Hot Rod & Dave)

This post is just a rambling of my self-realizations so...buckle up.

I realize (har har) that I don't print off photos and I don't take pictures and I don't do exciting things because we don't have kids. I rationalize that no one wants to view my instagram of me and John eating Mexican food or trying to climb a mountain.

But who care! I want to remember those moments. I want to remember this wild time in our lives, we are young and dumb and poor and so in love. I want to cherish that forever. I don't need to wait until we have kids in order to document and archive these days.

They are beautiful days and are a gift from God. 

So I'm writing this blog post for future me. 

Hey, future me! Have you climbed a 14-er yet? Did you take great photos on your anniversary trip to Colorado Springs (t-26 days)? Did you go to the Denver Art museum? Have you gone to a brewery yet? I hope so. Love, past me.

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  1. I feel this post pretty bad, even with kids. We obviously have less of a social life and, it seems, since having Kate even though I make all these idealistic plans in my head to do things and go places and they never happen. Introverts unite, y'all. I should try to kick my butt in gear and do stuff too - but it's funny because David and I are on opposite pages on weekends. He wants to stay home because he's tired of traveling/working all week and hasn't seen Kate, but I want to PLEASE JESUS LET ME LEAVE THIS HOUSE and do things and it doesn't match up. :/

    Also, you guys still win for best Halloween costume ever. I giggle every time I see that photo.

  2. Hey! From one who lived in Colorado for many years: "Get out there and climb that 14teener!" I highly recommend it and would, if there when you did the climb, cheer on every tough step along. The view from up there is unbelievable! Now, with that said, I think you are going to have to wait until about July next year. Also, from one who learned the hard way, be down off the peak by noon; dangerous thunderstorms will come up suddenly. Enjoy!