Radio silence

11:14 PM

Okay let's just jump right in! Sorry I haven't been blogging. I basically started this blog so I could better document all the changes that are happening in my life so when big changes started happening...I stopped blogging.


So, good news...

I made it to Berkeley!

This is what we packed:

Yikes. John and I for sure don't have that much stuff on our own. However, apparently, when you get married you need to have furniture to, like, use. So we packed a queen size bed (wooooot) and some dressers and a kitchen table and chairs etc.

And all the sweet bridal shower gifts!

But it all went right into storage because we decided (begrudgingly) to wait to use our sick stuff until after we are married. Only eighty-some days until we are united, Crock Pot.

Here are some photos I snagged while driving for 23849237 hours through NE, WY, UT, and into CA.
Also if you follow me on instagram you've seen most of these, sorry not too sorry.

Salt flats in UT, c-r-a-z-y

Driving for s-o-m-a-n-y-h-o-u-r-s

Sierra Nevada Mountains

But now the whole team is here and it's great. I'll update you all on even more exciting details (I'm sure you can't wait) and post some thought provoking questions like; what the butt is kombucha and why is everyone drinking it here?

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