1:02 PM

Do you ever realize how much you need to do...for example, pack for your week at home/wedding, pack up all of your belongs so you can move after said wedding, solve all the stupids problems with said wedding, figure out what kind of black hole swallowed half of our wedding invitations in the mail, grovel to those who didn't receive one, ask if they still want to come even though it's only 10 days away, do you actual job, prep for Bible study, field many questions about your future, eat food, sleep...

but then you just drink coffee and eat brownies and watch Youtube videos? Am I an adult? How do I become an actual adult?

I'm actually pretty okay. I always get nervous people who I know in real life will read my blog and tell my mom that I'm losing my cool over here. Don't tell my mom! I'm fine.

I just need to make a to-do list, drink 3 more cups of coffee, and finish off that tray of brownies.

Whew. Thanks for listening.

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