This morning

8:19 AM

This morning was the morning when I was showering and I realized the date.

October 21

and then I realized Halloween is next weekend and we need to plan a party and probably costumes.

And then I'm shipping out Nov 2.

So that's pretty stinkin' soon.

Also, ask me if everything is done.

Actually don't ask me. The answer is no. We are still chasing down RSVPs, which is just silly. And I sort of definitely forgot that we were supposed to talk about programs, so that will get

But if any of you want to come out to Berkeley and help me get my laundry under control that would be awesome. Or fight this cold that is for sure coming.

I know this all sounds very stressed but I'm pretty calm about it all. 

This past weekend we were in Wisconsin with basically all of my family for my cousin's confirmation. It was so great to see everyone and just a reminder of how crazy our family is. Between my grandma telling everyone exactly what is on her mind to my mind being blown at how much my 13-year-old brother has grown (taller than me! deep voice! cool hair cut!) it was a great weekend.

one of us, one of us

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