7QT Minimalist style

2:25 PM

I haven't posted in a thousand years and every time I do this i feel the need to apologize so I'm sorrrrrrrry internet. I'm very sorry. 

I'm getting married in less than a month. WHAT 

Also, half of our invites never made it to their intended recipients so that's good. And by good I mean bad and by bad I mean we probably shaved years off of our mother's lives. But, these things happen. That's what I'm telling myself at least. 

My dad changed his facebook profile picture to this: 
 So excuse me while I begin to weep again. 

I spend this past weekend in Denver for FOCUS interview weekend and it was a blast and a half. But also I immediately got a bloody nose when I arrived in Denver. I have incredibly wimpy skin cells. 

I always think I have more to say than I actually do. AH Did y'all see this? I've watched it a thousand times. 

Here's a picture of me and my team director Leanne. Woof, I'm off my game. 

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