Snap back to reality

12:44 PM

Sorry for my weird melancholy post yesterday, friends. Sometimes you just get a case of the Mondays on a Thursday. But now my roommate is singing "That's Amore" and our apartment is clean and tomorrow I'm seeing the Avett Brothers.


But today at 3pm West Coast time John and I are viewing another apartment, with applications in hand, checks prepared to be written, references prepped and ready, etc, etc, etc.

So please pray for us. Every time we look at an apartment or fill out an application I shave 5 years off my life and get a stomach ulcer. John's ever the optimist which is great because I am Queen of the Pessimists. That doesn't look like a word but firefox seems to be okay with it.

I know people around the country are wigging out about how cold it is so send it this way! I literally have no idea how I'm going to handle a winter without snow. I can hear all you warm-weather-lovers hissing at me and I get it. But I'm just saying.

Thanks. I hope y'all have a great Friday!

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