5:02 PM

Excuse me while I rejoice heartily in the fact that January is over.

It's not that January is an objectively terrible month but I'm just glad it is over. Moving and starting a new job is hard, but I feel like the first month doing something new is the hardest and now it can just be smooth sailing.

Yeah, right.

Also, February is a little baby month so I have no qualms about taking it down. Furthermore, hoping that it will continue to get warmer so our pipes don't freeze again because nothing is more fun than diarrhea and a lack of running water. TMI? Nah, we're close.

This morning Juan (not his real name, I don't know how he feels about being immensely famous online so...) got up early so that we could chat on the phone. Thank you, West Coast vs. East Coast time zones. Needless to say, but I'm going to say it, I'm eager to get through this coast to coast relationing. But for now it makes semi decent blog material.

This is St. Paul's Cathedral here in Pittsburgh and it is beautiful. I added this photo so that there is more to this post than just whining.

Here's a video that makes me cry and laugh.

Also you heard it here first, I have this inkling that I will meet Pope Francis. In person. Call me crazy, that's fine. But I just want to have it on record for when it happens.

This post is pretty much garbage but I already uploaded two photos to it so I'm committed.

Happy February!

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  1. TMI doesn't exist on the internet, didn't you know that??