Stinging like a bee

9:08 PM

Two posts in one day? It must be important. Or I'm late night (almost midnight here) blogging from bed on my phone because I've had A Day.

I've been praying for detachment, an ordered relationship with the world and things in it, a greater dependence on God, all those good things.

I thought I was pretty good at those things; I got a unique job that assigns your location, I moved to PA, said temporary good-byes to my friends and family, joined a new team of insanely smart people, and am serving a campus I would never be accepted to.

And then my car got trapped in an icy death grip because of street parking and front-wheel drive and I was like, alright. No big deal, I'll just wait for the eternal winter to end and for it to thaw.

Then last night I popped out my retainer to answer my phone (charming) and it broke in half.

I tried to roll with it, but right now as I'm contemplating the benefits of wearing two parts of a retainer, I'm sort of overwhelmed.

Oh, trust me, I know how this sounds. Like I'm spoiled, whiney, and vain, maybe even a control freak. My top teeth move at a freakish pace and in no time I'll be sporting a Michael Strahan gap on the top and the bottom.

 But if this gets me to rely on Christ more and myself (looks, material things, comforts) less then praise God. I'm sure He will love me even with crooked teeth.

Wow, such drama.

I hope you all have late night epiphanies.


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