Little Happies vol. 1

11:17 AM

Since my last post was such a downer and about snot I figured I would link up with Blessed to Be and her Little Happies post.


It is 60 (SIXTY) degrees in Lincoln today and I might just publish this post as is because what on earth can top that. Amen, praise Jesus, thank You. 

I wore birkenstocks without socks and it was glorious.


Trader Joe's never ceases to get me to buy their stuff. So, my body can't handle fructose which makes drinking Emergen-C a nightmare on my digestion.  Thankfully, good ole Jose delivered with this stuff

I don't know how effective it is but it makes me feel like I'm getting healthier each time I drink it.


Oh, I know this movie is old news and it's already buzzed its buzz but I watched it last night and I loved it. Maybe it's this new Colin Firth kick I'm on, maybe it's how beautifully ordinary Helena Bonhan Carter looked, or how delightful Geoffery Rush was. But it was good.


I stumbled upon the mother (snort) of all birth story posts via Camp Patton and most of them make me really happy about life and babies and also terrified because it makes me realize how little I actually know about the birthing process (cervix softeners? after birth contractions? so many meds!).

Anyway, don't binge read them all (Hannah) but there it is.


Remember when I made a to-do list and it mostly revolved around the fact that I'm afraid of St. Therese? Well, I did.
And that girl has been stalking me good.

A student at CMU gave me this book to read:

It chronicles the letters between Sister Therese of the Child Jesus and a seminarian named Maurice who Therese spiritually adopts. I'm not very far into it, but I basically am eating it up because it talks about St. Therese's struggles and not just her success and I'm a cynical person who likes my saints with a dark and stormy past.

Five seems like a good number! Thanks Blessed to Be for hosting and head on over to link up your own little happies. AND take a gander at her last happy which involves Olympic ice skaters and high speed cameras because I am in a fit of giggles.

Let your light shine (bright like a diamond).

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  1. Hi Caitlin! This Little Happies post is fantastic! Loving your writing style. Very conversational. You're seriously cracking me up over here. And all of your happies are GREAT! First, 60-degree weather! You're right, you could just stop right there. That's lovely! We're actually having a great 60-degree day here in Memhpis today too. Amen to that! Effervescent Orange sounds great. Now if only TJ could get their butts into gear and open a shop in Memphis. Or sell things online. Either would be great. Both would be grand! The King's Speech is so darn good, I completely agree with your assessment. Also, just discovered it's on instant streaming on Netflix sooooo I may be watching that later tonight. Thanks for the inspiration. Maurice & Therese sounds great too. Hope to hear how you like it once you're done. :) Alrighty, enough from me. Thanks for joining in!! I just love reading other folks' Little Happies!! Have a lovely 60-degree Monday!

    1. I can only imagine the how much damage I could do in an online Trader Joe's. I support it. Thanks for hosting! What a great way to remain grateful!

  2. It got up to a whopping 77 degrees according to the all-knowing Journal Star twitter account, a record high for March 10th. You are so welcome.