10:21 AM

All day yesterday I was like, remember to take a picture of what you're wearing because that's a bloggy thing to do!

I obviously forgot. I'd like to blame the Super Bowl but I barely watched it, and what I did watch was not that exciting. I have decided that Bruno Mars would be beautiful woman. That bone structure? Unreal.

I also realized that some of my font gets weird on this blog when I put in a photo...I think the blog design thinks it's a caption so I apologize for the teeny tiny font that comes after photos.

Anyway, here is a g-l-a-m-o-r-ous photo of what I am wearing today.

artistic filter via vscocam

Sweater: T.J. Maxx
Scarf: a gift
Shirt: threadbare, but my favorite, from Target
Jeans: Uh...jeans store
Topknot: Lazy
Glamour: that radiator and a radiant 8am glow.

That weird face? I haven't quite mastered photo booth and that is a look I like to call, "Unprepared". The ones where I am "prepared" are even worse...so you're welcome.

To further up the level of glamour in my life I want to point out that there was left over pizza in the Newman Center fridge today and I definitely ate some even though I'm lactose intolerant. WHAT is wrong with me?

ALSO Nickel Creek released a new song?? I can barely even comprehend it. I love love love Nickel Creek. Check it

Also happy feast day of St. Blaise! I love getting my throat blessed and the priest who did it here today put my neck in a long-candle-vice-grip so I know it extra counted.

That's probably not true.
I'm a Catholic missionary, #Lordhavemercy

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  1. I think if you're adding the pictures before writing the rest of your text, then your text gets all wonky. Buuut if you type out all your text or at least start a new paragraph with fake words in it and then click in between to add the pic, then it shouldn't make it all small.

    Just a theory.