A little domesticity

10:27 AM

Perhaps you read this blog because you are waiting for me to help you level up in areas of domesticity.

Well, consider your prayers answered.

Here is my first official recipe.

A Joyful Duty's Measuring-is-for-Ninnies-and-I-ain't-a-Ninny Cereal Bars


-1 bag of marshmallows (big ones, minus one because you wanted to make sure they were fresh. They were)

-A big scoop of margarine (you aren't about that lactose life)

-two big ole scoops of peanut butter, chunky because Mama didn't raise no fool.

-about half a box of Wheaties (breakfast of champs). Rice Krispies are too mainstream.

Microwave 'mallows and butter together. In a microwave safe bowl, in case that needed to be specified. I don't time things, I don't like numbers, so microwave it long enough so that you are like, yes it's all melty.

Chuck that pb in, mix it really fast, dump the Wheaties in and mix it real fast!

Panic because you forgot to grease a pan and that cereal mixture is like quick-dry cement. Avert crisis by multitasking frantic stirring and greasing of pan. You got this.

Dump in a greased pan. Drizzle some chocolate if you're fancy (which you are). 

Super easy, just in time for St. Valentine's day! Take a high quality, Instagram/Pinterest worthy photo of your creation on a paper towel. You're welcome.

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