Bits and Bobs #1

8:29 AM

I'm numbering this because I'm assuming I will write many more posts with this title.

Planning ahead.

I saw Swan Lake on St. Valentine's day! The whole night was crazy and stressful and I felt like such a mom. Our group was 13 (!!) strong and we all had to get on the city bus and ride into downtown Pittsburgh and then find the theater. Also, one of the students, Alex, was talking to another student about her birthday and she said, "Date, Month, 1995".


I don't even remember what the date and the month were because I was shocked at how recent that sounded. 1995? I mean, I was born in '90 so I'm not that much older than her, but 5 whole years seems like a lot.

Essentially there were a lot of freshman in the group and, God bless freshman, but they were all just flirting the whole time. Like, poking and hair pulling. For real. So by the end of the night they were all calling me "Mom" but whatever I just care about their hearts and their souls and no one died.

But the ballet was beautiful and it was great to hang out with more students and get face time with some of the more elusive ones.

My only issue with the ballet was that the bad guy, Von Rothbart looked like Greg from the Old Gregg youtube video. He's like swamp monster...the video is inapprops so don't watch it.

Old Gregg:

Von Rothbart (this is from the NY performance, the PA one didn't have horns, he had a ginger mane):

So maybe the ballet isn't for me. But it was really impressive, so good job all you dancers.

To Do Updates
A little while back I posted a To Do post and now I'm going to update you all because I need some accountability in my life.

1. Stop being afraid of St. Therese
This one is hard. The good news is that she is everywhere. And a student (Alex, born in 1995) will occasionally text me St. T quotes, which is nice and thoughtful and makes me cry because I'm a big fat sap.

So, I'm doing this! I've only missed one day of taking my temperature. Also, to clarify, you don't have to take your temperature vaginally which, for some reason, I thought you had to! So once I read that orally is fine then I jumped all over this charting train. I'm sure you all already knew that, but, whatever I didn't.

3. Planking
Booo. So I haven't been doing a good job with this. I blame it on my own lack of self control and maybe the worst cramps I've ever had. But, I'm through that so now it's back to planking.

4. Cook things
I baked bread! I'm also going to be more adventurous in the future so get excited.

Have a great Monday!

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