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Sometimes I find myself getting a little down. Maybe it's the snot-chilling, eye-freezing, skin-cracking cold weather that has permeated Pittsburgh, or maybe it's because this job is hard and the devil hates it. 

Probably a combination. But today was one of those days where I just took a moment and realized that Jesus loves me in an intimately unique way. I had a great brunch with a student I've been trying to hang out with threeee weeks and it was great. 

We're friends now. She said so herself. 

 So I was all but skipping back to the Newman Center to use their internet when I walked past the Caliban Book store which is everything I love about second hand book stores. It's old, it smells old, the sign is embossed with gold paint, the man who worked the desk has probably never been to a sporting event and probably speaks 4-5 languages. I went in, perused their GIANT selection of books on sale (thrifty till I die) and I came across this gem:

I LOVE art books. St. Raphael the archangel has been very present in my prayers for the past semester and I know very little about the artist Raphael but I am jazzed to rifle through this little gem. Best part? $2.50 AHHHH

THE OLYMPICS I love the Olympics. I cry so much during the Olympics. During the summer Olympics my family was on vacation and we just sat around watching the Olympics and basically never left our beautiful rented condo. It was bliss. Unfortunately, here in The Pitt, we don't have cable so I have to get creative with my Olympic viewing. But this essentially sums up my feelings about the Olympics:

Also, do yourself a favor and read SochiProblems on twitter, hilarious.

I started watching the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and I am a convert to the attractiveness of Colin Firth. I saw him in "Love, Actually" and was like, whatever. But he is a beautiful, arrogant, maddening, handsome Mr. Darcy and gives Matthew Macfayden a run for his money.

Stop it, you.

So I'm lactose intolerant. I also an addicted to coffee. I've been trying really hard to cut back because I've worked my way up to THREE cups a day; one in the morning, one in the after, one way too late in the day causing a caffeine induced panic attack when I can't fall asleep until 2am. I also love hot chocolate but most of the time there is dairy in it (surprise, surprise) and often has artificial sugars added (i'm also fructose intolerant so that's bad news bears) buuuut I finally found something!

AH!laska Organic Hot Chocolate. 
God Bless you, Whole Foods. 
And God bless you, previous roomie who left this here for me.

My friend Becca (who led me to Jesus, no small task as I was an apathetic cradle Catholic en la universidad) is coming to visit me at the end of February and I can't even stand it. We are going to take one good photo together because we have NONE.

I've been listening to Birdy and she's everything I want; moderately somber, but weirdly uplifting, melancholic covers of songs I already love (like Skinny Love, 1901, Fire and Rain, etc).

My little brother has an Instagram.
 He's 12 and it's the greatest thing I've ever had the misfortune to witness. 
So, be prepared to be updated on that because I laugh so hard that I cry.


Such a thug, I can't even. 

 Hey, I hope you have a great Friday!

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