7QT: Happy Fridaaaay

7:57 AM

 Oh you better believe I'm jumping on this band wagon.
It's been super freezing cold here in PA and I've been sporting more layers than an onion (cake). BUT today it is a balmy 34 degrees so I didn't wear socks. I know how glad you are that you clicked to this blog. Here's a photo to prove it. Also, glamorous photo shoot with that gratuitous ibuprofen bottle.

Fun anecdote: I did a mindnight to 1am Holy Hour in our beautiful chapel and I got nervous because it was night and I have an overactive imagination; I decided I need a weapon to defend myself in case of assault and/or ruffians. The major issue is that we only have one knife in our apartment and it's a big ole butcher knife, so obviously that wouldn't work to slip into my pocket. So I took a fork.

GUYS. I love Sherlock. Also I am not patient, but I'm scared of using moderately sketch websites to watch episodes in a slightly illegal fashion so I finally dropped some lettuce via iTunes and watched episode 1 and 2. Some people don't like it. I think it's changed a little, it's got a more comedic feel, a little cheesy, a little corny but I'm not too mad about it. 

 But, dang, I love Mary.


There has been a lot of Frozen soundtrack happening in our apartment, and by the Frozen soundtrack I mean this song. I dig a good chant.

Is it bad to link to my other blog on this current blog? Well, I'm going to do it. I'm one half of the writers for this blog: TwoCatholicGirls. Basically, I love writing and I will continue to do it even if no one reads it.

Linking up to my BFFJill, not Jill, her name is Hannah, who is a blessing and a queen because she is helping me make this blog look less ugly. You should check her out because she is beautiful and funny and interesting and married and prego.


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  1. So crazy how we now think 30s is warm! Love the outfit!

  2. I literally loled as I pictured you defending yourself with a fork. MISS YOUR FACE. glad you're writing. mainly so i can stalk you in a socially acceptable way.

  3. "Is it bad to link to my other blog on this current blog?"

    No, I do so on if not all at least most of my blogs.

    Like here.

    "Basically, I love writing and I will continue to do it even if no one reads it."

    Why not check your stats?

    I do.