[7QT] San Valentin!

8:10 AM

Quick throwback to last Valentine's Day; I was scheduling a colonoscopy sooo this St. V Day is already a million times better. 

 I don't get real into Valentine Day things but I did paint my fingernails a festive coral color and wore a grey cardigan with a few pink stripes, so, there you go.

I finally got my car out of its icy grave and there was much rejoicing. So, in order to celebrate I drove to Target and bought nothing I needed. Woot! This included but was not limited to; new undies, a dress, a travel mug, two movies, and some snacks. 

 I forgot that other locations existed besides the 5 places that I visit, so that was great. I also found a radio station that I actually will listen to, because Pittsburgh has the worst radio stations, 106.7 is a Catholic chant station so it was LEGIT.

You might be thinking, Caitlin, what are you doing on Valentine's Day? Your married teammates are married, Rachel is gone on a discernment retreat, and your boyfriend is 2705mi away. 

 No worries. I'm going to see Swan Lake the Ballet. CULTURE. 

I'm mostly excited to dress up, so Vains McGee over here. Apparently Pittsburgh is a big deal with ballet and orchestra things, the Maestro is from Austria and a practicing Catholic so he comes to the Oratory for Mass. It's pretty neat.

Quality Valentines: This Ain't the Lyceum AND/OR Puritan Valentine's Cards.

Purchased and then watched "Jane Eyre" and I criiiiiiiied. I've never read the book (ugh I know, I'll work on it) but I just love the character so I'm sure I would love the book even more. It's dark and bleak and the scenery is beautiful and tiny Jane Eyre looks so much like grown-up Jane Eyre that I think they used a time machine. Watch it.

My male teammates went bowling with some of the guys and they were bragging about how good they all are at bowling. I decided to bring back this little gem. 

When I interviewed for FOCUS a million years ago, our fun night involved bowling and very cheap beer. God Bless America. And this is how it went down. I'm Marmalade. For those of you who are curious this game was also played Mikayla Wagner, Kara Cruickshank, Ann O'Brien, and KK.


 I love you guys. Have a great day. Thanks, Jen, for getting published, being great, and doing this blog thing to unite us all together.
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