5:03 PM

I love Sundays. I love them especially now that I am a missionary and not in school. No more are Sundays full of panic and hasty attempts at homework, now I sleep and go to a late Mass and pray and (apparently) bake bread.

Crystal (one of my teammates here) gave me a recipe for a whole wheat free-form loaf that doesn't have milk or anything. She said, "it's easy!" and I was like, okay let's try it.

I know, you might be thinking back to the post where I regaled you with a "recipe" for cereal bars. Don't worry, I actually can read a recipe and operate an oven.

Finished product:

It looks good, right? It also tastes good. The recipe makes two loaves and the other one is pretttty ugly, so I left him out of the photo. Also because I started eating the ugly loaf and then realized I should document the experience.

Anyway, baking bread in my quiet apartment while the snow snowed (?) all flippin' day was beautiful and peaceful and I loved it. 

This weekend also involved teaching my teammate Keith that Tom Hanks is amazing. Keith, for reasons I cannot grasp, does not like Tom Hanks. So, while we were addressing envelopes for our semesterly newsletters, we watched You've Got Mail.

It's probably my favorite movie.

I documented the hilarious set up because we have a great tv in our apartment and a dvd player but no way to connect the two. So...Mac watching it was!

"I'm going to buy a eucalyptus candle because it makes my apartment smell mossssay!"

I hope you had a delightful weekend. 

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