Happy Tithe-day

12:39 PM

Here's something I've decided to do. Every Friday (hopefully) I am going to share links to some places that I would encourage people to donate/tithe to.

Why? Because I'm bad at tithing. I forget to, I make excuses, I hem-and-haw about it and it never gets done. I also believe that if people are presented with opportunities to share their time, talent, and treasure they will step up and do just that.

Furthermore, God is never outdone in generosity. We give, and in return He blesses abundantly.

1: Cassie Wilson, Miscon(tra)ception Kickstarter
This girl is smart and this project is important. I am a firm believer that contraception is the root of many (if not all) evils. Fertility is important, it is empowering to know your cycle, and chemical contraception is objectively bad for your body.

Watch her trailer about her senior thesis project. It so matters. Also you can follow her blog!

2. Liam, Pilgrimage to Rome
I went to Rome two years ago and I promised that I would help anyone who wants to get to Rome. It's amazing and beautiful and everyone should go there. Liam is the little brother of one of my best friends, so I am especially excited for him.

So, chip in what you can to get that kid to Roma!

God bless you merry gentlemen/women.

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