11:26 AM

Mondays, right? Woof.

Let's just cut to the chase

Here is my To-Do list for 2014

1. Stop being afraid of St. Therese
I always have been. I'm one of the 1% of Catholics who are scared of the Little Flower. I mean, seriously, what is my deal. But not anymore. I've decided now is the acceptable time to get to know her, fight that fear, become bff, etc.

So I'm going to read "Maurice and Therese" as soon as I can buy it because apparently it's really good and not intimidating.

2. Start charting, dang-nabbit
I have been preaching about the importance of women knowing their cycles, understanding their fertility, checking mucus, blah blah blah but I haven't been walking the walk. So, now I'm going to. I don't have the nifty Creighton Model chart with baby stickers (which is fine because there is no baby-making happening in my life right now) so I'm using the Kindara app on my phone for the time being.

3. Do some planking
My legs are getting a great work out with all the hills and walking I do in Pittsburgh but the rest of my body is getting fluffy. I have no workout equipment, I can never motivate myself to use the gym in the CMU Union (all the walls are made of's in the middle of the union building, no thanks) so I'm going to start planking every morning before I hop in the shower.

Ugh. I regret saying it already.

4. Cook things
Yesterday I cooked chicken and spagetti squash for me and my roommate and I forgot how much I enjoy cooking. Not that microwaving squash and cooking up chicken is cooking but, baby steps. So, I'm going to do more of that because I've been eating mostly oatmeal and frozen vegetables. I am the picture of health.

Maybe I'll get y'all posted.
Call it, Motivational Mondays
Or like, Mo' excuses-why-I-didn't-plank Mondays.
Ever the optimist.


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  1. You're so cute. I had Kindara for awhile, and then switched to NFPCharting (app) but that only was free for a month, and now I'm using Glow. All good choices.

    1. Stahp.

      Glow! That's what i was looking for but I couldn't remember what it was called. Thx.

  2. You speak to my hearrttttt. Why are we the same (Logan knows all)???

    I'm scared of st. therese too. Like, used to hate her scared. Shameless self-promotion to the time I wrote about it and how I tried to be friends with her: