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1:15 PM

I'm jonesing for world's worst blog titles.

I'm linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife  because I can definitely share with you Five of my Favorite things!

1. Jimmy Fallon
True life, I have a mad crush on Jimmy Fallon. I love him on SNL, I loved him on his Late Night show, I love him now on the Tonight Show. 

Here's a recent SNL skit he was in with Justin Timberlake. HUH-larious

Also he wanted to be a priest at one time so you better believe I'm praying for him.

2. Oranges
One time, my sophomore year in college, I ate like 7 oranges in one sitting. I love oranges. I love them so much that my PIN number for my debit card used to be the grocery code for oranges (4012). I changed it so you can't steal my card anymore...

And jokes on you because I have no money. Yay!

But I've been eating them like mad because I'm psychologically convinced I'm getting better because of them. Double yay.

3. This commercial

The tears I cry.

4. This magic potion lotion 
In case you missed my riveting post yesterday about coconut oil, I was rubbing it on my chapped nose in hopes that it would calm my red skin. It didn't.
BUT my mother has some fancy Mary Kay purple gunk lotion in this fancy little tub and I've been using it and it's magical. Like rubbing silk on my nose, but better because it also it moisturizing (and I hate that word, so you know I mean it). It's apparently really expensive so I should definitely be using less of it.

Sorry, Mom.

basically a QVC level foto

5. Wes Anderson

Fair warning: it's a little inaprops.

Anderson is a weird, weird man but I love his movies because they always have Bill Murray in them. And I get the idea that Anderson just makes movies so that he can invite all his friends to come over and hang out with him.

Anyway, I'm going to see this because I love all the people who are in it (everyone is in it).

I hope you are having a kickin' Wednesday. Go over to Hallie's blog to check out more exciting favorites and to add your own.


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  1. That movie looks preeeettttty funny! I'd never seen the preview before, so thanks for sharing it. :) Also, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are a bromance made in Heaven.

  2. I love Wes Anderson films too—they're always so strange yet weirdly entertaining/awesome. I'm looking forward to watching that trailer after I leave work.

    Oranges are my obsession lately—I've been eating 4 little ones a day for the past week. I'm convinced they just HAVE to be keeping me from getting sick. All that Vitamin C, right??

    1. I'm excited about this movie, I doubt it can beat my favorite which is Fantastic Mr. Fox, but who knows!