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God bless, March. Mostly because it isn't January and it isn't February and that means that time is actually progressing and I don't live in a grey haze of a snow globe, aka, Pittsburgh.

But don't mind me as I wax poetically about the never ending headache that is this polar's March!

Guess who downloaded Overgram? Moi

I know what you're thinking, dang girl, a new blog design AND a photo with text on it? I know, it's like I'm professional.

Here are some things I am excited about in March.

1. Spring Break
Being a missionary is great for a lot of reasons, one of them is following the academic calendar and when the students have vacation so do the missionaries (more or less). So I'm heading back to the Good Life (NEBRASKA) on Friday and I can't even handle how excited I am. I'm going to see Hannah and her freakin' bebe bump and we are going to Raisin' Canes because we are classy.

2. John is coming to visit...
In T-24 days. I can't even handle that either.

I promised myself that I would not write an entire post about Lent so you're welcome. I could write for days about Lent and how much I love it and how much I hate it at the same time. It's very complicated. 

4. Maybe Spring?
I have no idea what to expect for Pittsburgh and if/when Spring will arrive. In Nebraska last year it snowed in May expectations are low but seriously I'm praying for temperatures above freezing. Today I scraped 3in of snow off my car in the bitter cold and I thought, I could probably live in CA.

Fun things my teammates have said recently:
"If a cow has a tumor, I'd call it a tmooooooomur" --Keith

"Caitlin, I need you to stop being so obdurate right now" --Joey
(I responded that I would, but I didn't know what that meant)

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