LATE bandwagon jump

12:48 PM

I am very good at jumping on bandwagons way late in the game. Like so late the bandwagon has stopped rolling all together (just in case you are wondering).

Boring long story only a little shorter, I'm rubbing Coconut oil on my raw and chapped nose in some hope that it will work its magic. I know Katrina wrote a post about using it for dry skin and maybe I'm secretly hoping it will also give me radiant skin.

if it doesn't work I'll just rub Crisco on my face

Basically I'm drowning in used kleenex so if you have cold curing remedies, I would like them. All of them. Please. Thank you.

I'm also watching the Office bloopers on youtube so...currently enjoying season 7. I love Spring Break.

Is this how you blog? I'm going to fight my perfectionist tendencies and publish this sub-par nugget. Humility.

Keep it real, friends.

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  1. I've got no remedies, sorry! But I'll send up some prayers for ya. Hopefully that'll help! Also, The Office! LOVE.

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