Mea culpa

6:02 PM

I knew it had gotten bad when Hannah's husband texted me about my hiatus. Whoops.

And now I'm all baby come back, you can blame it all on me. Like those Swiffer commercials. Remember those?

Anyway, I apologize for failing at blogging again. Things get crazy at the end of the year here at CMU and working my way over to the Oratory to use the wifi suddenly seemed like an impossible task.

Here are some things that happeneeeeed!

1. Curtis Martin (founder and CEO of FOCUS) swung by Pitt and CMU and gave a great talk to students and it was awesome. We also had dinner with him and I sat next to him and I was REAL nervous. He's a big deal.

2. Umm...

3. We had a Regional Gathering, so all the missionaries in the Northeast? Upper northern part of the East? Not Super East Coast but Still East Coast? The boundaries are confusing. Anyway we all convened in SCRANTON, PA. It's a real place, and I was there. I took no photos, but it happened.

4. Also, not super time consuming, but my beautiful mother bought me The Prince of Egypt so I had to watch that. I mean, it's so good.

But I promise to be better at blogging...with a little friend I call the queue.

Also please pray for all the missionaries because we are finding out our placements for next year. Yipes.


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  1. YES to that Office clip and YES to The Prince of Egypt!!

    A holy Holy Week to you as well! :)

    1. I'm glad you are all about those things as well! Happy Easter!

  2. Curtis IS scary. I had to present to him at a meeting two weeks ago, and I put the wrong days of the week on my event schedule. *FACEPALM*