Cheating: 7QT Thursday

8:42 AM

I'm not linking up this week because it's Thursday and I'm cheating and writing this now, so unfortunately my blog view count will remain at a meager 4 and not the rowdy 30 it sometimes does when I link up with Conversion Diary.


Last night Rachel very timidly knocked on my bedroom door around 11:30pm and before I said "come in", I wondered how quickly I could pick up my room and hide the mess...but it stayed dirty. So she came in, with a real look of concern on her face, and said meekly "umm..."

My first reaction, we're out of toilet paper.

My worst nightmare.

False alarm, she just wanted to see what time I was getting up. Whew


I'm going home tomorrow to the beautiful state of Nebraska where my parents have wifi and the beer flows freely.


How am I only at three? This used to be waaay easier.
When I'm home I plan on catching up with my best bud Jimmy Fallon and watching ALL of the Tonight Show. I love Jimmy Fallon.


Fulton Sheen miracle!


Yesterday, we had an Ash Wednesday Raffle (ASHaffle...Ashle...) and it was in the University Center (Union) buuuut apparently a lot of students already left for Spring Break so things were a little slow...

Blake is the greatest brother ever. He makes me spitting mad with his engineer/logic driven brain, but he has taught me how to dialogue and realize that (thankfully) not everyone thinks the same way I do. I am super grateful that he challenges me because now I am surrounded by engineers. 

Here are some quality snap chats from him that I obviously do not understand


Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat cheap tacos from a taco cart with a student because that is my job.

Adios muchachos. 

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  1. I would like to be at least the one rowdy commentor who shows up to your QT party. WOOT! Now get me a cheap taco or I'm out of here.

    1. Sounds like a deal! I'm sure they ship in the mail real well.