Fail Week

4:46 PM

I call this week the Week-I-Didn't-Even-Blog-One-Time-and-Jen-Fulwiler-Did-A-Seven-Day-Seven-Post-Challenge, but I'll shorten it to Fail Week.

Lately, I've been failing a lot. Being a missionary is a strange job where it's nearly impossible to determine whether or not you are doing a good job. That sounds like a cop out so I'll elaborate.

There are certain things we should do (daily prayer, daily Mass, Holy hour, meet with students, care for team, take care of yourself) and when we slack at those things then we aren't doing a good job.

But, when you meet with students or have Bible Study or have events it's hard to gauge the success since it involves another person who has free will.

Hannah suggest that I document a Day-in-the-Life and I for sure will. Probably on Ash Wednesday because that day is going to be veeeery eventful. (ALSO have you seen Hannah's blog? It is so so so so cute).

Anyway, I'm going to be better about keeping up with writing since I love it (and maybe need it to keep sane) so thanks for sticking with me.

Some high-lights of the week.

1. Got a new retainer, booyah
2. Got a $97 parking citation, not the best
3. Becca came and visited me! AHH
4. I'm going home very soon for Spring Break (Praise God for academic vacations)
5. I started praying for an increase in humility and then I bumper-bumped a car three times while trying to park. So...nailed it.

You all are big failures and Jesus loves you.

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