My mom, Queen of Wedding planning

12:45 AM

We've been engaged almost 3 weeks and my mom has literally planned almost every detail of our wedding.

It's basically the biggest blessing in the entire world. Between my mom and John's mom, almost everything has been decided.

We leave for FOCUS training on Saturday so we wanted to get as much done while we were both in Nebraska and I think we've done a stinkin' great job.

What's that?

You'd like to see some potential Save-the-date photos?


Can I get a alleluia for having amazing friends who can do things like take pictures and edit them? Alleluia.

This has been a quick bitty post but I promise a more lengthy and exciting one. But I can't make a lot of promises because Hannah is going to birth a bebe and I'm going to be busy emotionally weeping about how excited I am for them.


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  1. LOVE that pic of the two of you smiling. Beautiful!! Also, I can't believe you've got most of your wedding details down already. That's CRAZY talk!! But awesome. Super pumped for you guyyyyyz!