Monday boo-hoos?

6:01 PM

How are you feeling today? Hopefully you are living the dream and maybe soaking in some sun.

Mondays are hard. Welp, this one is almost done but here are some pick me ups for Mondays.

1. Guys, I have the palest skin in the world. Truly. During the summer I burn. I freckle, but I also burn. There is not tan (unless you count freckles as tan? They do not morph together to make a tan like everyone tells me they will). Furthermore, I’ve never participated in any kind of “beauty hack” but this one on Camp Patton caught my attention.

I make coffee via French press and then I stick the whole thing in the fridge and then I have cold brew for the next few days (depending on much caffeine I cram into my system). After all the elixir of life coffee is gone, I feel kind of bad washing the grounds down the drain.

SO I scooped them out, added a tablespoon-ish of oil olive, mixed it up, and spread it all over my pasty white (and wintery skin) legs. It was like taking a fancy mud bath. I loved it.

And my legs were so flippin’ smooth. And, I can tell, they are just a tint darker (think concrete color instead of egg shell).

10 out of 10 would recommend.

2. THIS INSTAGRAM IS SO CUTE. My ovaries are dying. Babies and puppies?

3. THIS NAILPOLISH. My friend Brenda is like an amazing beautiful fairy who brought a whole bag of nail polish and we all painted our nails on Keith’s birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Keith. 

I like to stick to border-line-goth-black nail polish but I had a little whiskey and decided that Champagne Kisses made sense. But I seriously love it.
Like I might buy my own bottle of it.

4. Tomorrow is the Annunciation! 

The angel of the Lord declared unto Mary, and she conceived by the Holy Spirit.

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  1. That instagram is too much.

    1. Right? I have to limit the number of times I scroll through otherwise I just weep at how cute it is.

  2. Loving all of this! I'm right there with you when it comes to burn/freckle/burning in the summer. There is no tan for us fair-skinned girls. There's just extra freckles and slightly less-fair-skinned-ness. That insta = presh. That nail polish = luxurious. The Annunciation = joy. Great way to escape the Monday blues. :)