7QT: Swim skirts and St. Therese

8:42 AM

Guess who's back back in Pittsburgh. Me. So that's why I haven't posted in many moons. I only received one threatening text from Hannah so no harm no foul. So because I've been sans internet for a long time these Quick Takes will be really easy to whip out, right?


Shout out to my past-roomie Michelle with a very happy (very belated) birthday wish!

killin' it. swim skirt style #modest

Michelle is probably one of the biggest reasons why I didn't quit staff at New Staff Training/run away/become one with nature and live with the gators/cry at EVERY moment. I just cried at most moments. Also we both have a fear of St. Therese so there's a whole lot of bonding between us.

Speaking of St. Therese, I finished this book! And it was so good. I will recommend it until the cows come home and then after that as well. Seriously. I read it and expected to feel a strong connection to St. Therese but I read it and found myself relating to the emotional and flighty Maurice instead. Which, I think, is the point. The book doesn't highlight Therese's little soul but how she responds with great love to the "little" soul of Maurice. I can confidently say that I am no longer afraid of St. Therese.

The novio is coming to Pittsburgh in less than a weeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

Have you visited Call Her Happy's Etsy shop yet? It's hella cute and makes me want to be crafty.

I'm starting a Bible study on CMU's campus this Tuesday. It's a bilingual study with students who speak Spanish. I studied Spanish in college and I'm rusty beyond rusty and I am very nervous. So, please spare some prayers that the study goes well and that whatever God wills for it, happens. Thanks a whole bunch.

 Shimmy on over to Jen's for some funner takes.

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  1. I very tempted to hijack the rooming list and make us roomies at NST again this summer. glad we're friends. love love love you.

  2. Also, I'm 100% positive I would have legitimately died this summer without you.