Home is where the snot is

9:48 AM

That's what my mom said to me when I woke up this morning with the nastiest cold I've ever had.

I always (always) get sick when I come back home so this time is obviously no different. My nose is stuffed up, my throat feels like a game of minesweeper except all the squares are mines, and I can't hear out of my left ear...what did you say?

But I'm not complaining. I would rather be home, with my mom and a constant supply of tea, than sick in Pittsburgh all by my lonesome. Also the wifi helps. Thank You, Jesus, for wifi. More importantly, thank You for my parents.

So, second thing is second, I can't decide is this is a hair style that I can ever be seen in? Spoiler: I went to the airport with hair like this so I've already been seen but just wanted to know what the general consensus is:

What lips?

Thirdly, thoughts on SoulCore? It's a yoga class where they pray the rosary at the saaaaame time. I think I would actually do this. I might order it. Also I love their logo.

Did you know that Camp Patton now has an Instagram to buy Grace's old duds? Shopthecamp, but don't even go there and look through it and/or snag the swag I'm hoping to score.

Go watch the Big Red vs. Fake-Big-Red game and cheer for Nebraska because the Badgers stink.

Also have a great Sabbath!

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  1. soulcore started where i grew up. HAAAAAI INDIANA. id totally do it.