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3:46 PM


 Linking up with Jen who is my new favorite person for going to a Snoop Lion concert and having a conversation with a rap battle guy. Stop it. But don't.

Have you heard of SoulCore? One post I wrote about it and thought about buying it and then I did and today I did it with my mom and we loved it. Let me be clear, I hate working out. Hate, hate, hate. But the beautiful women who do SoulCore combine something I've always wanted to do (yoga) with something I always need to do (pray the rosary). I highly recommend it. It's no nonsense yoga (like, my core is quivering, sweat all over, etc) and she provides beautiful meditations and some scripture. I'm all about it. I'll probably write a whole post about it...

I have loved being in Lincoln and it makes me realize how much I miss it. I miss my friends and family so much, so I'm going to do a better job at staying connected. Like, I might even use the phone and call people, yikes.

The next time I see Hannah, bebe Almanzo might be born. Also the bebe might not be a boy and probably won't be named Almanzo, but I like's that.

I had dinner last night with Hannah (see #3) and our friend Katie and most of the dinner conversation was about birthing stories (other people's) and tub births and placentas anddddddd....

...A cow given birth c-section style. Katie had photos on her phone and we looked at them, at dinner, in a restaurant, in public. Lincoln, Nebraska.

I went to Whole Foods today for the first time (!!) and got Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels and I won't take a pictures because the container is basically empty.

There are no pictures in this post because I'm blazing through it so I can enjoy a glass of red wine with my mother and sit in the sun with my dad. Thanks, Lincoln, you've been real.

 Prayers as I head back to Pittsburgh would be great.

 Thanks, Jen, for hosting!

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  1. You are just cracking me up. Would love to hear more about SoulCore!

  2. Finally!!! Someone combined yoga with Catholicism!!!! So wishing I wasn't pregnant so maybe I could attempt it. Thanks for sharing!