Accidental hiatus

10:55 AM

Hey, everyone.

I don't know if you missed me, but I certainly missed you.

Last week was crazy. I started my first Bible Study on CMU's campus and it was a Spanish Bible study so...I was nervous.

I have a BA in Spanish so in theory I'm well versed in the language, but it was very nerve wracking and I was convinced I would be a big fat failure.

And when I brought to prayer, Jesus responded, "so?"

Whaaaaat. Jesus, don't you understand that I can't fail, so much is riding on me and my success. And then I realize how dumb that is, how ridiculous it is for me to expect that my efforts are the only thing that matter. So then I did all that I could to prepare and entrusted the rest into His hands and it went super well. PTL.

Then mi novio arrived in Pittsburgh for a well needed visit. Three months apart is a long time and it was awesome to have him here and to meet the team and meet some of the students I'm working with.

I took one picture the entire time.

Art, man.

Anyway it was great to have him here and I miss him even more now. That's just the way it is, I guess.

Parting point: it's 70 degrees here. 

Praise Jesus.

Have an amazing day everyone!

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  1. You are so cuuuuute and of course you two would be cultured and go see Art with a capital A. Adorbs. Post more plzzzzz.