Charting. Too soon?

5:33 AM

Is it too soon to write about charting?

Probably not.

Okay so I had a basic understanding of what charting and NFP looked like/consisted of/entailed.

But, then I got engaged and we starting chatting with a practitioner (via Google Hangout, so cool) and I realized how much more intense it actually is. I can totally see why people get discouraged and quit doing it, or get overwhelmed (Tacky? Sticky? Pasty?).

But it's crazy because I can already see the fruit that is coming from it, and we are still just engaged and not having sex/living the married person dream.

I realized how much I grasped onto the idea of my fertility and how I was going to decide when we got pregnant. Jokes. The Lord has the best plans and they are rarely the ones I come up with.

We also both realized how much more we could grow in vulnerability. Once we started talking about mucus there wasn't any other topic that was quite as intrusive and/or uncomfortable.

Basically, it's been a real gift and I've appreciated it immensely already.

I'll do my best not to let this become total NFP blog.

ALSO I'm almost done with training and then I'll be back in NEBRASKAAAA

Here's an app that literally no one needs but is cracking me the heck up.

Team Berkeley!

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  1. Oh please let it become an NFP blog. Or not, but don't hesitate to write about it, srsly.

    I remember being overwhelmed at first. MEGA bonus points for figuring it out while still engaged. That's gonna make it way easier on ya. Keep it up!