Photo dump

5:28 AM

I guess this is why people have instagram, but on instagram I can't write long drawn out captions. Well, I could but I feel like it's bad form.

Here we goooooo

The absolute best classes we have had so far have been those taught by Thomas Smith on the Gospel of John. He literally blew our minds with every sentence. He's BFFs with Jeff Cavins and while Jeff was teaching the first years about Salvation History, Thomas dropped some of the following Biblical bombs:

-Lazarus may have been a co-author of the Gospel
-Jesus isn't being a jerk to Mary Mag when He tells her not to "hold on" to Him.
-The Samaritan woman at the well probably wasn't a hussy! 

I'll probably write about the Woman at the Well because honestly that one blew my mind. And also I'm super pumped that not every woman that Jesus encounters in the New Testament isn't a prostitute/adulteress of some kind.

Also I can't remember why that slide was in the presentation but we all laughed and that's the photo representation I captured.

We went to the beach as a team with our chaplain! Fr. Dat is all the way on the right side. He's great and eager about the new FOCUS team. He's the new chaplain at Berkeley so he's excited to be a part of something new. He went to Berkeley for undergrad so he has a real passion for the campus.

He also likes to edit his photos which is why the photo looks so trippy.

Also check out that lady in the back. She did that on purpose and then asked if she could join our team because we seemed so fun. Evangelization! 

John is really pumped about NFP and charting and I feel super blessed. He's a little over zealous with the whole process but I would much rather have that. As you can see, I've had some dry days. Also we recently learned that we needed to be more specific in documentation so, if you know the process, don't worry, we added more numbers and letters.

Building confidence everyday.

Katherine sent me a million snapchats the other day of these daily odd compliments and they were cracking me up. For some reason this is the only one I saved. It's pretty funny in my opinion.

There are the good ones! I'm currently working on documenting my day in photos so you can be privy to the exciting schedule at NST.

Have a kickin' day.

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  1. Yay for Creighton!!! In my opinion, you picked the best NFP method. Just sayin'.