Back in the swamp

5:28 PM

I'm back in Ave Maria, FL at Ave Maria University (which is situated on Ave Maria Blvd) for my second round of FOCUS training.

Let me just say, second year at NST (New Staff Training) is a BILLION times better than the first year.

For one, I know people.

Two, I've already got a base of fundraising support so I don't have to start at ground zero.

Three, I'm off the dating fast and engaged so that's just the best.

ALSO Hannah had her baby. Freakin' beautiful.

I can't wait for Hannah to pound out some mammoth of a birth story but I guess she's busy sustaining life. Or something.

But seriously, I was going to have some serious beef with Kateri if she made me wait a whole month to meet her. But, thankfully, she arrived just in time for me to hope into my car and speeeeeeeeed to the hospital and then question if I was allowed to visit.

Good news, I was! So I waltzed in there, got a name tag and held the crap out of that baby. Then four hours later got on a plane to FL for five weeks of training.

Praise Jesus. She's beautiful. I love her.

I also just love Hannah and David so much more for being amazing human beings who worked with the Divine Creator to MAKE A HUMAN BEING.


Have a great day y'all.

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