Final countdown

5:49 AM

It's Wednesday which means that tomorrow is Thursday which will be followed by Friday which leads into Saturday and I will be flying HOME.

I love missionaries, I love this job, I love being here with so many amazing friends, I love having super structured prayer time.

And I am so ready to come home.

We had a fancy dinner this past weekend and I realized that I didn't have a normal sized bag to carry my stuff. My bag here is a beach bag and could hold two small children.

So I just grabbed what I needed and did this:

Classy. That's a hair tie. Also two rounds of Lactaid to held my stomach handle dairy. Digestion is hard.

Here is a think I didn't realize existed. Or that we needed.

Also I'm apparently a World Cup person now. Here's a whole bunch of us watching us lose to Germany (uuuuuughghgh) in the ballroom.

I hope you all are having a great week! Get pumped for Nebraska-centric posts!

Also if you could all throw up some prayers that John and I find a semi-affordable apartment in Berkeley that would be great. St. Joe, pray for us.

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  1. You're definitely making me have some NST FOMO with that World Cup photo. Last time I was at a NST and it was a World Cup summer, it was so much fun watching the games and pick up soccer for weeks. I also relate to you in wanting to go home. I think by about this time everyone is borderline zombie mode and anxious to get back to real life. Safe travels home and I really hope you find that affordable housing!