Whomp here it is [PARTE 2]

8:56 PM

Whale, whale, whale.

Here we are again.

Parte 2.

As I was saying, there we got to the kitchen and there were flowers and an envelope on the counter.

I graciously thanked my mom for getting me roses, although it was unnecessary. I didn't even think it was weird that the envelope had John's handwriting on it, or that we were trying to surprise my mom on for Mother's Day. She then informed me that it wasn't for her and then my brain exploded.

I was pretty sure I knew what was going on. So I opened the letter, saw that it was two pages long, so I skipped riiiiight to the end because I knew that would tell me whether or not he was in town.

Queen of virtue, right here.

So at the end of the note was something along the lines of; "Take as long as you need and then call me when you are ready"

I took zero time to get ready and immediately called him. He told me he was in my neighborhood and would be there in 2mins.

Then I realized that I should have waited and peed, and/or showered, and/or changed my clothes, and/or washed my face. Instead I rocked a dirty baseball tee and equally dirty jean shorts. Perfect.

I did have the good sense to brush my teeth and blow my nose, so points for effort I would say.

So John waltzes in, in nice pants and a sweater/button up combo that put my dirty casual attire to shame and asked if I wanted to go somewhere.

This whole time my parents are just staring at us because, parents.

We got in the car and drove to Blessed Sacrament, his home parish, and the site of one of our first date adventures. We prayed a rosary together waaay back when and he told me about how he had praying a Holy Hour every other Friday at midnight since his junior year of high school.

His parents were there covering the hour before we arrived so we quick hugged and they peaced out quickly. The adoration chapel at Blessed Sacrament is beautiful. It it set up like a little family room with a beautiful tabernacle on one side. There are nice chairs and rugs, lamps and bookshelves; it feels like you at just at home with Jesus.

Around the chairs were candles and there was a box wedged under one of the chairs. We knelt before Jesus and prayed a little and then he asked me to take a seat.

He knelt down in front of me and pulled out from the box a large wooden bowl, towel, and a pitcher of water. Then John washed my feet; he apologized for the cold water and I apologized for not having shaved my legs in three days. Whoops. That's how I knew it was love, he was unfazed.

But, it was beautiful and I cried and cried. I have always loved the part of the Gospel when Christ washes His disciples feet. Such a humble and lowly task but such an amazingly beautiful gesture.

John said some beautiful things (that I will keep just for me) and then asked me if I would marry him. I said yes, of course, and we hugged and then he spent 60 seconds unwinding the ring from a rosary in his pocket (Catholic problems).

He slipped that ring on and it fit perfectly, we prayed some more and then Fr. Clinch came in and gave us the engaged people's blessing. Beautiful.

Bada bing, bada boom. Engaged.

The next day, so natural
It was truly perfect. John later told me that he hoped I wasn't disappointed that it wasn't a huge extravagant event. The whole process probably took about 30 minutes. But truly it was perfect. I would not have handled a dinner and a scavenger hunt and a poem and a song or any of those beautiful things. I hoped and prayed that we would do whatever God willed, and I was hoping that meant engagement before we went to training.

God is good.

So we are pretty stinkin' excited. Please pray for us as we prepare for marriage. Thanks for reading as well.

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  1. A proposal in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament? Swoon! You two are too stinkin' cute. Praying for your marriage! It's gonna be bee-u-tee-fulllll.

    1. Gosh you're the best. Thank you for your prayers!